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Film poster, Offret (by Andrei Tarkovsky, for the magazine FLM)
CALIGARI_FINAL_digital (5mb)
Spökutdrivning - digital affisch - A3 (3
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GABI - Poster (2mb)
MMD - Affisch (5MB)
CQ alla år
Du gamla, Du fria (Dawid Ullgren)
Film poster, Nitton (by Marcus Carlsson)
Affisch (digital) - sve
Screenshot 2021-09-30 at 09.27.30
Film poster, Nattåget (by Jerry Carlsson)
FÖRSVAR - Digital affisch (6,5MB) - sve


I design presentation material for companies, producers, directors and screenwriters who want to find an aesthetic for their project for pitching.

Reach out to me to see more! Because of confidentiality, all text has been replaced with placeholder text.